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Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your reservation at anytime however deposit will not be refunded.  Deposits will only be refunded due to inclement weather.

Weather Policy:


If inclement weather were to occur before your party starts and we are unable to set up your inflatable we will refund your full deposit. Once your party is cancelled and deposit has been refunded we will not set up even if it stops raining later on in the day. (i.e. If party is cancelled at 10 a.m. and it clears up by 2 p.m. we have already cancelled the party and will not be setting up your unit)


For safety reasons to protect you and your guests if inclement weather were to occur during your party you must immediately exit the inflatable, turn the blower off, unplug blower and move it to a covered area. The customer will be held liable for any damages that may occur if the previously listed steps are not followed. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO PICK UP THE INFLATABLE UNIT DURING YOUR PARTY IF BAD WEATHER IS IN THE FORECAST. (i.e. IF YOUR PARTY STARTS AT 12 p.m. AND THE FORECAST IS CALLING FOR RAIN, THUNDER STORMS AND/OR HEAVY WINDS AT 4 p.m. WE WILL BE PICKING UP THE UNIT BY 3 p.m. BEFORE THE BAD WEATHER STARTS). Once again we do this for safety reasons and to protect our equipment.


The customer will be given the option to either cancel the party prior to set up and receive their full refund on their deposit OR the customer still wishes to have the bounce house set up knowing there is inclement weather in the forecast. If the inflatable will only be up for a few hours and not the normal full day rental the customer is still obligated to pay the FULL rental price.

* we also reserve the right to cancel your party due to inclement weather in which case your deposit will be refunded.

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